Apollo Twist Cap Lancets

Capillary Blood Sampling: One of the most cost effective single use sterile twist cap lancets available on NHS Prescription.

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A universal twist cap lancet manufactured in accordance with the highest quality precision to ensure consistent blood sampling.

Our needles are ultra thin tri bevelled tipped to help reduce the discomfort when carrying out a capillary blood test. This ensures controlled skin penetration, reduced pain, adequate blood volume and less skin callous build up.

Twist Cap Lancets on prescription

Description Needle Size Quantity PIP Code Product Code
Apollo Twist 0.36mm 28g 200 363-6982 AMTL2800

Price £4.50 x 200

Apollo Pressure-Activated Lancets

Lancet Device
Available to purchase £2.99 ea including Carriage.

Patented technology to provide virtually pain free testing when taking a blood glucose sample using the Apollo Twist Cap Lancets.

SAFE – The sterile needle is full protected; no risk of needlestick injury.

SIMPLE – Remove the white protective cap; press against selected area; dispose.

CLINICALLY COST EFFECTIVE – One of the most cost effective safety lancets available.

* Available on NHS Prescription

* Available to purchase direct for use in General Practice

Patient comfort

Patented design providing linear needle tracking resulting in lower needle vibration ensuring high speed penetration for maximum comfort.

User safety

Fully retractable shielded needle before and after use ensuring protection for both the patient and health care provider from potential needle stick injury.

Single use

The lancet cannot be reused and should be disposed within the appropriate sharps container after use.


Smooth tri bevelled needle point, auto polished to ensure precision and reduction in the penetration force required.


Three sizes available individually colour coded to determine the choice of needle gauge sizes and penetration depths to meet the majority of capillary blood requirements.

Pressure-Activated Lancets on prescription

Colour Code Needle Gauge Depth Application Product Code PIP Code
Purple (Sensitive) 28g 1.8mm Low flow 10-20ul AMTL2818 366-0453
Yellow 26g 1.8mm Low flow 10-20ul AMTL2618 366-0461
Green 21g 2.4mm Med flow 20-40ul AMTL2124 366-0487

Price £5.99 x 100

How to use

Remove Protective White Cap

Press Down On Selected Finger to Activate

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